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Mr. Raciti wishes to thank and acknowledge the following:

Marcia Raciti: My first and most important teacher. You always supported me in anything I aspired to do. You made it possible for all of these other teachers to have a willing, passionate and open-minded student to teach and a loyal dedicated friend. You still inspire me today and are always there to tell me stop whining and suck it up.  Thanks Mom.

Grandmaster Won K. Bai: You accepted me in your school when I returned from my tour in the Navy and made me feel like one of your own. One of the proudest moments of my life was seeing your face when I became your first Black Belt to win a Grand Championship. I won many more after that and always enjoyed seeing your pride in me.  Thank You.

Joe Lewis: You taught me how to be a tactical fighter and the importance of movement. You gave me the courage and confidence to get in the ring with anyone. You are truly an amazing Martial Artist and I cherish my rank of Sixth Degree Black Belt in The Joe Lewis American Karate System.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace: For 15 years, no matter where you were, or what you were doing you always made time to speak with me and give me your insight. The many conversations we have had while on long road trips together have been inspirational as well as educational. You always give hope to the martial arts world by exemplifying that a martial artist doesn't have to act like a tough guy or have an arrogant attitude. My students always love your seminars and your sense of humor. I look forward to beating you in Trivial Pursuit ... again.

Thomas Patire: As a martial artist you have done so much for me, and as a friend, even more. You taught me that a martial artist doesn't have to be a "competitor" to be tough. That lesson was taught to me by you at a time when I thought if you didn't get in the ring and fight...you weren't worth #@$%& as a martial artist. I would stand back to back with you in any altercation, anywhere, anytime. As the creator of The CDT Non-Deadly Force Method you poured your life's experiences and knowledge into a system of personal and third party protection that has no equal. My International Certification as a Tactical Master Instructor is one of the proudest moments in my life. My certification as an Executive Protection Specialist under the world famous and highly respected International Training Group (ITG) that you also founded and act as senior instructor was the most complete training I've received since the military. Your staff, wife, and son have made me feel like a welcome and respected part of your team. I'm glad that my advertising and marketing skills have been utilized by CDT and I hope I can continue to serve you and the CDT Team in the future.

Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K): You brought our Muay Thai Camp to its present level of authenticity and credibility. It was a great day for me when you walked in my school and accepted me as your private student. It was a greater day when I introduced you to my students and stood aside as senior instructor to allow you to train, mentor and inspire our Muay Thai Program. Your gentleness, and good nature are always inspiring to me. Thailand's loss is my gain. I only hope to bring honor to you and team Suriyasak in the future.

Eddie Andre: You brought our Muay Thai Camp to a higher level when you came here. The program was floundering due to my own inexperience in all the facets of Thai Kickboxing. Since then we have seen many students come and go as we developed the program. It has not been easy but we always showed up, trained and met the challenge. You are a tremendous martial artist and you have my gratitude for all that you've done here.

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57 Midland Avenue
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 703-1222

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