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Aerobic Kickboxing

EDGE Aerobic Kickboxing Learn while you burn! Calories that is...are you ready for a kick-butt, sweat-pouring, aggression releasing, power punching workout for the "bored with the spa scene" raging kickboxer inside of you? Then this is the workout for you! The EDGE is famous for its Aerobic Kickboxing Program! You�ll kick, punch, slip, and move to some of the most heart pounding stimulating music you've ever worked out to.

Muscle & Fitness Magazine called it the #1 calorie burning workout where you can burn as many as 800 calories in just one class.

The EDGE Kickboxing & Fitness specializes in aerobic kickboxing and offers day and evening classes. Over 85% of our aerobic kickboxing members have come from typical Karate Schools whose classes have become stale or health clubs where the instructors merely took a one day certification course. EDGE instructors are highly trained to bring you the most awesome, energized kickboxing classes with exciting new routines and moves each week. You can�t get that from a video tape! So, turn off the VCR and give The EDGE a call. You�ll be glad you did.

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