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EDGE AeroKickboxing Tips

  • When making a fist keep the thumb outside your fingers.

  • Keep your chin down with arms and hands in pyramid position.

  • Visualize your opponent in the mirror. Your mirror image becomes your     "opponent", aim for "your opponent's" chin when punching.

  • Visualize making contact with the knuckles of the index and middle fingers.

  • There should be 95% extension of your arms with the straight punches.     (Especially when using hand weights)

  • As fast as the punches go out they must be retracted.

  • The first jab of a double or triple does not retract all the way, retract one first as     the other comes forward when throwing combos and remember to use your abs.

  • Do not telegraph your punches; never allow elbows to go behind your body ...     particularly with uppercuts.

  • Remain � face with your opponent. Never "square up".

  • Always keep your lead foot pointing toward your opponent and rear foot visible     in mirror.

  • Never bring the feet together when punching. "Don't tight wire".

  • When moving front/ back as in "stick & move", move your whole body back and     forth, not just the hips.

  • Use the legs and glutes when slipping punches, not the lower back.

  • Students should monitor themselves and stop when they feel fatigued, just like     fighters do when they tone down their intensity during a fight.

  • Watch some fights on television to see what strikes and movements you recognize.

  • Drink water during class...and by all means bring a towel...your going to need it!

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

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