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BJJ is a style of martial arts unlike any other. It is a blend of traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu with modern day submissions and ground grappling movements developed by the Gracie family in Brazil in the 1940's. Since that time, many BJJ practitioners have fine-tuned this art to become the best style of self-defense, and the most popular style in martial arts competition. BJJ is designed to take the opponent to the ground and subdue him by placing him in an environment that he is not familiar with. From the ground, the BJJ man will simply use the ground fighting skills to finish his attacker.

BJJ is practiced mostly for sport. Unlike most styles of sports, BJJ does not require a lot of size or strength. This style relies on a vast array of techniques that center around leverage. When applied properly, these techniques will enable the small guy to defeat the big, strong guy. Gracie vs Severn, Gracie vs Kimo, Gracie vs Ken Shamrock. These are all examples that show a skilled, small guy can overcome the big, strong guy as proved in the Ultimate Fighting Championship by the legendary Royce Gracie. Thanks to the Gracie family and other great Brazilians, martial artists can add this style to their arsenal of fighting techniques or they can just learn this amazing art just for the fun of it. Perhaps one might venture into the sport arena.

The EDGE's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is under the instruction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt Richard Raciti. The EDGE is fortunate to be affiliated with BJJ legend Professor Joe Moreira. The seventh-dan black belt teaches seminars around the globe and conducts private lessons. Considered a bona fide authority on jiu-jitsu, Moreira has issued 30 black belts and released a total of 38 instructional tapes that are considered among the best available in the United States.

The primary positions include:

Guard: The person applying the guard is on the bottom with his back on the ground; his legs are wrapped around his opponent's hips (who is said to be "in the guard").

Side control: Chest-on-chest but without the legs being entangled.

Mount: On top of his opponent (who "is mounted"), sitting on his chest, with one leg on either side of his torso.

Back mount: Behind his opponent, with his feet hooked around his opponent's hips and upper thighs.

Specific techniques taught are designed either to improve one's position (for example, to "pass the guard", by going from being "in the guard" to getting around the opponent's legs, resulting in side control); or else as a finishing submissions. Most submissions are either chokes (cutting off the blood supply to the brain) or arm locks (hyperextending the elbow, or twisting the shoulder).

Belt ranks start at white belt, and progress through blue, purple, brown, and then black. It generally takes about 2-3 years of training multiple times per week to be promoted to the next belt rank. However, there is no formal rank test. Instead, rank is about the ability to apply jiu-jitsu techniques in a competitive match. A student generally needs to be able to reliably defeat most other students at a given rank in order to be promoted to the next rank.

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- NJ
7 Midland Avenue
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 703-1222

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- PA
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