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CDT Non-Deadly Force Training System

-It's a lifesaver-

CDT is the most effective non-deadly force system in the world.
In thousands of street-tested circumstances where justifiable force was needed, CDT has been effectively employed without a single permanent injury to any person. Furthermore, no court of law has ever found someone using CDT justifiably to be liable.

Tens of thousands of professionals from all walks of life such as law enforcement, security personnel, military, doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, airline personnel and everyday families have successfully completed CDT Certification Courses throughout the world. Now its your turn to take advantage of these same opportunities.

-Law Enforcement-

CDT enables law enforcement officers to gain safe control of a subject.
When a law enforcement officer needs to utilize less-than-deadly force by means of empty handed tactics, that person must be able to do so quickly, skillfully, and with reduced risk and liability to all concerned. The longer the officer has to be engaged with a subject, the greater risk of losing the altercation or suffering injury or even death. Moreover, depending upon a subjects actions and the situation at hand, the officer may have to increase or decrease the amount of force employed. CDT techniques allow for necessary escalation and de-escalation of lawful force without causing serious or deadly injury. No other non-lethal training system can make this claim.

-Private Security-

CDT lessening legal liability.
The key to flawless security lies in the use of justified force measures. Since the laws are more stringent for security personnel and the liability much greater, these professionals need to get the most proficient training available, particularly to help ensure the safety of all parties concerned. The CDT System, because of its emphasis on empty handed non-deadly force, including third party protection, is the most versatile training tool for the security specialist.

-Risk Management-

CDT's techniques help keep you out of harm's way.
Due to random, daily acts of violence that occur in society, professionals in all walks of life - CEO's, doctors, lawyers, medical personnel, educators, flight crews and many others - are using street proven CDT techniques that can keep them and the individuals around them safe, if and when justified force becomes necessary.

CDT training.....changing lives by saving lives.
Acts of violence do occur on school campuses. In times of crisis, educators will need to respond immediately to prevent and minimize the possibility of injuries and tragedies. CDT techniques are easy to learn, very effective, and can be applied in the event of a crisis occurring on or near the school campus.

-Family Protection-

CDT helps keep your family safe.
This innovative program, the first of its kind to ever be developed, focuses on training the entire family as a unit. Each family member is taught a different responsibility from distraction techniques or cover and evacuation procedures, when and if the need arises. Statistics prove that many acts of violence happen around children and CDT takes the approach that children are our most precious gifts of all and this type of training emphasizes their safety at all costs via easy to learn sound, verbal, and movement drills.

A family that trains together - remains together

CDT Non-Deadly Force Training Center
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The EDGE Kickboxing & Fitness
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