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A Unique & Modern Approach to Teaching Children

Our Philosophy and Goals.
At The EDGE KickBoxing & Fitness we know that you want the best for you child's future. The best way to predict your child's future is to help create it right now. You've heard about the many benefits martial arts training provides children like self-confidence, improved motor skills, self-discipline, concentration, and respect. Unfortunately, most children themselves, are not particularly interested in developing those traits, their parents are. Children are children and they want to be involved in activities that are fun and immediately rewarding. That is why the children's programs at The EDGE KickBoxing & Fitness are different. In the past, traditional Karate for children has meant a robotic, rigid, and disciplined class where every child looks and moves the exact same way. Keeping children interested in this kind of environment can sometimes be a task for the teacher and an even bigger task for the parents who have to "drag" the child to class. Our approach is unique because we teach your children to take advantage of the way their bodies move and react naturally. Our classes are motivating and designed to stimulate your child through positive and memorable experiences throughout the class. Children have a natural desire to be good at whatever it is they do, therefore they will quickly notice that the best students have the most self discipline, and will strive to copy their success. Every parent comes with specific goals and desires for their child and we strive to meet them in every class. Your children are the reason we are here and we will do our utmost to earn your confidence in our programs and instructors. Child abduction protection is also taught as part of the children's program in an eight-week cycle during class using "What if" questions and "What if" drills.

What is a typical class like?
Although there is no such thing as a typical class at The EDGE KickBoxing & Fitness, each class does include a stretching and conditioning segment followed by kicking, punching, and blocking. These exercises are designed to teach your child the techniques they will need to advance in belt rank. We have found that by teaching the "typical" Karate class with an emphasis on repetition day in and day out, children begin skipping a few classes because they are not going to miss anything new. What keeps children interested is the idea of learning something new and exciting. While we try to make each class fun and exciting, there will be times when the children's requirements will seem like just plain work. That is where self-discipline will gradually develop. Each child wants to improve and advance in belt rank and they know that practice makes perfect. Please note that all age specific learning and motoring skills and abilities are always considered on an individual basis for your child. We have worked wonders with many Attention Deficit students (ADD and ADHD).

How can my child begin?
That's easy. We begin new students with a 2 class introductory program and an official Martial Arts uniform. Typically most schools give one or two private lessons to "evaluate" your child's ability and then attempt to hard sell you for a long-term contract by flattering you and your child. We feel that one or two private lessons are not a very good indication of what the actual class will be like for your child. The 2 trial classes will enable you and your child to explore if this activity is right for them. We know that children are involved in many activities and parents do quite a bit of chauffeuring to get them there, our class schedules are designed with parents in mind. After your trial program, our program director will sit down with you to discuss one of the many programs we offer to fit your schedule and budget. You are trusting us with your most prized possession and we will do our best to earn that trust every class.

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