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Friends of the EDGE

SuriyaSak Muay Thai My Muay Thai Teacher Master K

CDT Training My good friend and CDT Founder Tom Patire

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace My friend for over 20 years and the inspiration for my kicking style

Joe Lewis A martial arts legend who I am grateful to call my friend and instructor

Dr. Anas Khoury is an excellent podiatrist with offices in Passaic and Northvale, New Jersey. He is a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and longtime student of Muay Thai here at The EDGE. He specializes in foot and ankle care and surgery. Being an athlete himself Dr. Khoury understands that athletes as well as non-athletes need to be back on their feet as soon as possible. He is always quick to answer questions from our fighters and I've never heard him say no to checking out someone's sweaty foot after they kicked an elbow in class. As a fighter my feet are my bread and butter and Dr. Khoury is the only person I trust with them. Click below to visit his website.

The J-TRON Banner below is linked to J-TRON's website which sells electronic kits as well as high-tech electronic components to the industry and the public. The kits are a very cool way to introduce your child to the world of invention and technology. I very much doubt that the scientist's at NASA got there from playing their GameBOY's or Playstations. They were the kids who took apart their Nintendo's and wondered how they worked. Check out the's great!

Mark Negron is one of the most talented and versatile artists I have ever met. An advocate of the martial arts and promoter of Muay Thai and San Da smokers and championships in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Check out some of Mark's designs and marketing materials. He is a righteous dude who always has his heart and intentions in the right place.

Dan "The Beast" Severn has done a few seminars for us and never fails to engage and amaze us with his knowledge and insight to the combative arts. Dan has quickly become a favorite of The EDGE student population. His seminars are fun and thought provoking. Check out Dan's website.

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- NJ
7 Midland Avenue
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 703-1222

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- PA
Monroe Plaza Rt 209
Brodheadsville, PA 18322

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