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The EDGE's Sil Jun DoR program is a unique and dynamic martial art that offers development on many levels. The program is a perpetual system of training that grows and changes as the students improve their skills.

Sil Jun DoR literally translated means "The Real Way". It incorporates all aspects of modern combatives with the spirit of a warrior athlete who has confidence, self discipline, respect, and dedication. This system is a result of a lifetime study of the martial arts, boxing, grappling arts, and close-quarter combatives. Techniques and practices that are more for tradition than for practicality have been eliminated. Sil Jun DoR is a streamlined and effective technically enhanced system of modern martial arts skills and strategies that are time tested and battle proven. To put it simply, it is “the real way”.

Students learn and practice practical and diverse movements and techniques from far, middle and close range to defend against hostile or aggressive actions in virtually any situation. The class incorporates kicking techniques, boxing, blocks, strikes, evasion, suppressing, and stunning techniques as well as clinching, takedowns, throws, and ground fighting all taught in a way that utilizes each students natural body type. Emphasis is placed on practicality, not pageantry, in Sil Jun DoR . The most comprhensive and well thought out Knife, gun, and stick disarms as well as justified force techniques are all incorporated into Sil Jun DoR. These are the very same techniques that Mr. Raciti teaches at the International Training Commissions elite Executive Protection Trainig program which has been seen on FOX TV as well as many other news segments .

The workout is practical and focuses on getting fit and healthy while developing personal awareness and the thought process of a fighter. The flexible structure allows students to eventually modify the techniques to suit their own needs and abilities. Creativity is unlimited, offering students movements and choices with a diverse blend of Eastern and Western styles, concepts, and philosophies. The training is infused with power, focus, intent, and mindfulness. Classes motivate students to get fit and healthy by supporting their desire to explore their ongoing growth process and potential in a fun and thought provoking way. Fitness, health, well-being, personal and family protection, potential, and improved self-esteem result from the magnetic experience of the EDGE’s Sil Jun DoR Program.

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- NJ
7 Midland Avenue
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 703-1222

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- PA
Monroe Plaza Rt 209
Brodheadsville, PA 18322

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