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Sil Jun Hapkido

This unique style of self defense is an explosive and modified combination of the Korean art of coordinated power known as Hapkido, Small Circle Jui-Jitsu, and American self-defense techniques. Sil Jun Hapkido is a dynamic and practical combat and tactical martial art designed to defend against one or more assailants. You will be taught how to apply joint-locks, pressure points, finger and thumb locks, blocks, submission holds, leg trips and takedowns, weapon defense, and third party situations.

While participating in this class you will not only apply the techniques on training partners, but you will also have them aplied on you so that you may have a full understanding of the bodies limitations and reactions to pain. Legal liability issues are addressed in class such as legal justified force, non-deadly force, and your rights as a citizen to legally defend yourself and loved ones.

Due to the nature and purpose of Sil Jun Hapkido, this class is available to those 16 years of age and older only.

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