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Richard Raciti
Director/ Senior Instructor

Modern Tae Kwon Do
Sil Jun Hapkido
Muay Thai Kickboxing
Aerobic Kickboxing
CDT Non-Deadly Force Training

Richard Raciti has been involved in the martial arts for over thirty years. As a fighter on the point karate circuit for over 15 years he amassed a string of victories of over 30 Grand Championships and 250 Divisional titles. In Tae Kwon Do full contact fighting he has won the New Jersey State Championships in the Light Middle Weight Division and won The Pan-American Tae Kwon Do Federation's National Championships an unprecedented five times in a row. As a full contact kickboxer, Richard Raciti was undefeated in nine fights in the super welter and light middle weight fighting divisions.

Mr. Raciti is the founder of the Sil Jun Hapkido System. Sil Jun Hapkido differs from most forms of Hapkido due to its tactical nature, stunning capabilities and practical street oriented techniques designed to be simple yet extremely effective against empty hand attack as well as knife, stick and gun attacks. Sil Jun Hapkido training takes into consideration levels of force, escalation of violence, the student's personal philosophy regarding force, and the law as it pertains to justifiable force.

Mr. Raciti is an Internationally Certified Tactical Master Instructor of the CDT Non-Deadly Force Training System. CDT is the first internationally trademarked and only Patent Pending system of non-deadly force training in the world.

Mr. Raciti is a Certified Executive Protection and Counter Terrorism Specialist. He received his certification from The International Training Group (ITG), one of the most respected and credible certifications in the field.

Richard Raciti was promoted to Full Instructor in SuryiaSak Muay Thai by Master K in August of 2001.

Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K)
Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

Master K, a veteran of over 75 fights in Thailand, now teaches Muay Thai in the United States. He is the founder of Suriya Sak Muay Thai, which is based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Training both professional and amateur boxers, he has built one of the best Muay Thai camps in the country. Suriya Sak Muay Thai has produced four instructors in the Washington, DC metro area. Master K has also finished three instructional videos and his first book. He is definitely one of the biggest promoters of Muay Thai in the country.

Special Thanks And Acknowledgements


Sam Bracero
Director of Youth Martial Art Programs
3rd Degree Black Belt, Modern Tae Kwon Do
Red Belt, Sil Jun Hapkido

Angie Nunez
Aerobic Kickboxing Instructor

Brian Rios
Youth Modern Tae Kwon Do Instructor
2nd Degree Black Belt, Modern Tae Kwon Do

Faith Raciti
Program Director

Jessica Raciti
Member Services
Information Services

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