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Modern Tae Kwon Do

Although known primarily for its amazing and flashy jumping, spinning, and flying kicking techniques, Tae Kwon Do as taught at The EDGE Kickboxing & Fitness is a unique and even mix of hand and foot techniques. Kicks, blocks, strikes, evading, jamming, and stunning techniques are combined with American Boxing and kickboxing techniques to help create an all around and effective martial artist. Emphasis is placed on practicality, not pageantry, in the EDGE�s Tae Kwon Do program. Participants of all ages can enjoy practicing and perfecting the same amazing kicks they have seen in the movies with blazing speed, pinpoint accuracy and awesome power. How is the EDGE�s Tae Kwon Do program different? Just ask any of our members. Over 85% of our adult members have come from other martial arts schools, most of them are Black Belts. You will not find a more thorough, effective, and exciting Tae Kwon Do program anywhere.

KIDS & Teens Techniques have been carefully chosen to be taught in the children�s and teen�s classes that are fun, powerful, and effective for both sport martial arts and self defense. Children are anxious to improve and advance in belt color ultimately with their sights set on earning a coveted Black Belt. Unlike most martial arts schools, there is no charge or hidden fees for belt advancement at The EDGE. Belts must be earned through demonstrating proper respect, self discipline, courtesy, self confidence, social interaction skills, accepting disappointment, balance, form, and technique.

The EDGE Kickboxing & Fitness
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