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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be in shape to begin?
No you do not! At The EDGE we pride ourselves on getting our students into shape - actually great shape. Its what we do! Don't wait to get into shape if you are interested in learning Thai Kickboxing, start today.

Is Thai Kickboxing good for self-defense?
Thai Kickboxing is one of the best systems of self defense. Our training program is designed to teach students what really works. Thai Kickboxing is a very strong defense art that enables one to defend from strong attacks and counter with weapons like elbows and Thai Kickboxing's infamous and highly effective leg kicks.

Is The EDGE Thai Kickboxing for women?
Yes! But remember, we're not talking about aerobic kickboxing here. The training is serious and tough. At The EDGE our instructors pride themselves in helping women develop the spirit of strength and toughness. Our training environment is friendly and motivating so you can learn at your pace, we will push you to new limits.

Is The EDGE Thai Kickboxing for everyone?
No, Thai Kickboxing is not for everyone! At The EDGE Thai Kickboxing, we want to teach students who have a desire to learn a desire to improve themselves physically and mentally. If you have these qualities then The EDGE Thai Kickboxing is for you.

Is Thai Kickboxing safe?
You won't get kicked in the head or walk home with black eyes. Our training programs are primarily non-contact for beginners. We use the safest equipment and cut no corners for your safety. Only those who desire and have obtained the necessary skills are allowed contact training in our Level II training program.

How long will it take to get good?
At The EDGE we have a high level of student to instructor ratio. Our classes have at least 3 instructors for a class with no more than 20 students. With this much individual attention, within three months of regular training you will have noticeable Thai Kickboxing skills.

What is a Typical Class Like?
Shadow boxing and Jump Rope to warm up and then depending on your level of ability, your training will be based on the following:

  • Basics & Beginning of Thai Kickboxing : Fundamentals of boxing, guard, footwork, punching, knees, kicks, pad holding, 4-count drill, heavy bag.

  • Intermediate Thai Kickboxing : Introduction to leg kicks, take-overs, clinching, shielding, focus pad work, kick pad work, bag work and physical conditioning.

  • Advanced Thai Kickboxing : Putting combinations together, offensive and defensive techniques, grappling, elbows, ring strategies.

  • Level II Thai Kickboxing : Competitive Training and Conditioning : Boxing and Thai Kickboxing sparring, increased training intensity & workload increased emphasis on physical conditioning and fitness, fight preparation.

  • Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing

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