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Suriyasak Muay Thai Ranking System

Suriyasak Muay Thai has implemented a ranking system for use in classes. Traditionally, a Muay Thai fighter's record signifies his ranking. Because fights are scheduled virtually every week in Thailand, Muay Thai fighters may fight every week if they so choose. In the United States however, Muay Thai fights are rarely scheduled. The Suriyasak Muay Thai ranking system has been established to keep track of student's progress and reward them for their abilities and efforts.

Suriyasak Muay Thai uses talismans, or good luck charms, as its symbol of ranking. Each talisman is woven in the colors of the Thai flag with different colored tassels representing the students rank. Each student must test to advance in rank in front of his instructors and be approved by all of them to advance in rank.

Ranking System:

Yellow - Beginner
Basic Offence
Basic Defense
12 Movement Combination

Green - Intermediate
Proficiency in all Muay Thai techniques
Counter Attacks
13 Elbow Combination

Blue - Advanced
Professional Technique
Physical Endurance
Sparring Skills
Knowledge of Nutrition
Corner Skills
Ram Muay Pre-Fight Ceremony

Red - Accomplished Boxer

Black - Full Instructor

Black/Red - Full Instructor/Accomplished Boxer

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