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BULLYGUARD™ is a high energy, empowering seminar that educates children on what to expect from a bully and how to deal with it in a non-aggressive way, before it escalates. Kids and school personnel love it and that’s one of the main reasons why BULLYGUARD™ is taking the nation by storm!

This high-energy 40-minute seminar, designed by world-renown bodyguard Tom Patire and his BULLYGUARD Team. Tom is the most publicized bodyguard in the world and has appeared on numerous television shows, featured in many magazines and was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for his child safety program on Fox! The BULLYGUARD™ seminar is presented by Motivational Speaker and highly respected Martial Arts Instructor Richard Raciti. All of Richard’s BULLYGUARD™ seminars are designed around teaching children life skills through interactive drills that build confidence, awareness and avoidance. Parents and teachers get involved, too!

The BULLYGUARD™ program is designed to stimulate a child’s mind, while building up the child’s confidence and ability to deal with, and walk-away, from a bully-type situation. The entire seminar focuses on developing a confident body and mind through the eyes and actions of a world class protector. Since the highest frequency of bullying has been linked to higher elementary and middle school grade levels, this course is designed with 3rd to 8th graders in mind and is designed around the national “Zero Tolerance” policy used in many public school districts.

Just some of the topics and techniques covered in the BULLYGUARD™ Program:

Different Types of Bullies

What To Expect From A Bully and Why

How to “Just Walk Away™” From Any Bully Situation

How To Look and Feel Confident, Safe and Cool

BULLYGUARD™ Safe Zones and Safe People

How To Bodyguard Yourself


Take the BULLYGUARD™ Challenge and see how well you do: Click Here


"I just want to applaud you for an incredible job creating the empowering program, BULLYGUARD™. As an educator and guidance counselor, it was refreshing to witness a program that offered safe practical strategies that children can embrace and put to use in their daily lives and later on in adulthood to keep them safe!"

- Debbie Brigida, Guidance Counselor - Fort Lee School #2

"Our students embraced Tom Patire and his BULLYGUARD™ Program. They all had fun and learned allot in regards to what to do if approached by a Bully. For kids to get it, they have to like it, and must think it’s ‘cool!’ Well Tom Patire brings the coolness along with a lesson on life skills and convinces the kids that if bully it’s okay to “Just Walk Away!™”

- Janet Carrigan, School 8 - PTO President

For more information or to schedule a BULLYGUARD™ seminar with Richard Raciti please call the Academy at 201-703-1222.

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- NJ
7 Midland Avenue
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 703-1222

The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts- PA
Monroe Plaza Rt 209
Brodheadsville, PA 18322

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