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Become a Lean, Toned, Warrior with Saddle Brook Kickboxing!

If you want a fun workout that develops toughness, mental conditioning, and a “NEVER QUIT” attitude, then our Muay Thai Kickboxing / Boxing school is for YOU! Using shadow boxing, heavy bag work, Thai Pads, focus mitts and belly pads, you’ll learn the right way to kick, knee and punch with power and precision. Whether you are a beginner looking for self defense training and conditioning or a seasoned athlete who wants to tune up for your next bout, this intense, high-energy Saddle Brook Kickboxing school will meet ALL of your training needs.

Muay Thai and Boxing Techniques include:

Jabs Crosses Hooks Uppercuts Spinning Backfists Combinations Slipping Sticking Moving Footwork Clinching Stand Up Grappling ! Excellent for Self Defense and Personal Protection !Thai boxing is known for its tough and physically demanding training, however it’s excellent for fitness, self-defense and personal protection. Our Saddle Brook Kickboxing classes will give you a great workout and teach you the technique aspect of boxing instead of strictly the competition side. However we can also accommodate competitors who need to get ready for the ring. This school is personally instructed by Kru Richard Raciti - and assisted by world champions and experienced instructors, fighters, and guest instructors. You get an intense workout, plus learn proper techniques.

You Learn From the BEST of the BEST at Saddle Brook Kickboxing!

If you’re ready to train side by side with Muay Thai world champions, belt holders, gold medalists, and people who just love the sport and all the physical and mental benefits that come with it, find out more about Saddle Brook Kickboxing NOW! To get information immediately sent to your inbox, fill in the request form. Or to learn more about our fight team, click on

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