Beginner's Classes Enrolling In September! Bergen County Martial Arts For Kids

A Fun-Filled Saddle Brook Martial Arts Program!

You won’t find any humdrum drills and ridged and militaristic training in this Saddle Brook Martial Arts class. Oh no!

At The Edge Ultimate Martial Arts, we provide a unique class that teaches children to take advantage of the natural way their bodies move and react. Kids learn to protect themselves using a sequence of rapid-fire kicks and, punches, plus a combination of action-packed moves.

How Your Child Benefits from Saddle Brook Martial Arts:

  • Skilled at self defense
  • Strong, confident and self-assured
  • Lean, flexible and coordinated
  • In control of teasing and bullying
  • Able to set and achieve goals
  • Capable of saying “NO” to negative peer pressure
  • Proficient in sports and academics!
  • Knowledgeable about stranger awareness child abduction

We create fun, memorable classes and use positive praise to make sure your child builds a strong foundation of self discipline, self-esteem and respect that can be transferred to his or her academics, sports, arts and social activities.

The Saddle Brook Martial Arts class is fun, high energy and utilizes different pads, mats, and teaching aids to enhance your child’s training experience. Kids learn the importance of self discipline and positive behaviour; and strive to be the best they can be.

We have THREE age-appropriate lessons for you:

  • MATKidz® (3 to 6 year olds): Specifically designed for the little ones, this class will look at your child’s individual capabilities and characteristics and help them grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.
  • Sil Jun Do® Juniors (7 to 13 year olds): We provide the positive reinforcement and life skills to help your child transition into smart, well-balanced teenagers that make good life choices.
  • Mixed Martial Arts (7 to 13 year olds):

Help Create your Child’s Future!

If you and your child are searching for an exciting way to boost your child’s confidence, fitness and self-discipline, you can trust our Kid’s Saddle Brook Martial Arts lessons to give you the results you want!

To learn more about our Kid’s Saddle Brook Martial Arts Programs, simply fill in the request information box on your right and information will be forwarded to your inbox.

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