Sil Jun Do Self Defense Classes in Bergen County

Professional, Battle-Tested, Reality Based Training!

If you want a unique and dynamic school that provides ELITE self defense training, look no further than Sil Jun Do®

Ideal for law enforcement personnel, body guards and men, women and children of all ages; this technically advanced system combines martial arts, boxing, grappling arts and close-quarter combatives.

You’ll learn kicking techniques, boxing, blocks, strikes, evasion, suppressing and stunning techniques, as well as clinching, takedowns, throws, and ground fighting. Only you’ll use your innate, basic instincts in a comfortable and natural way.

Using practical and diverse movements and techniques geared to your NATURAL body type you’ll become skilled at defending yourself from far, middle and close range against hostile or aggressive actions in virtually any situation. Best of all, the techniques you learn will grow and change as your skills improve.

These are the very same techniques taught by Mr. Raciti at the International Training Commission's elite Executive Protection Training school.

The Creativity is UNLIMITED!

The flexibility of Sil Jun Do® will allow you to modify the techniques to suit your needs and abilities offering students movements and choices with a diverse blend of Eastern and Western styles, concepts, and philosophies.

This is a COMPLETE, well thought out school with knife, gun, and stick disarms as well as justified force techniques.

Learn a Time-Tested, Battle Proven Form of Self Defense!

If you’re ready to learn ALL aspects of modern combatives with the spirit of a warrior athlete who has confidence, self discipline, respect and dedication, find out more!

Whether you choose self defense for fitness, health, well-being, personal and family protection, or improved self-esteem, you will get fit and healthy; PLUS develop personal awareness and the mindset of fighter.

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