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Where personal connection and a positive family like atmosphere equals big time results. We at The EDGE pride ourselves on building a strong connection with our clientele and providing a wealth of valuable information so that within the first month clients are seeing results.

You will ‘look’ better - Our members commonly lose 30 lbs. and 4-6 inches.

You will ‘feel’ better - Our workouts will increase your endurance and stamina.

You will ‘be’ better - Our members experience the medical benefits of cardio-strength training. Everything from increased bone density, greater lung capacity, reduced blood pressure & lower cholesterol and more. Resulting in overall better fitness.

The benefits of having great instructors who care, mixed with a variety of awesome classes only brings success. Give us three months and you’ll see the change!

The EDGE Fitness Philosophy

The EDGE take on fitness is one of functionality first, those essential movements that you need on a daily basis. While it may be nice to brag about your max bench press to your friends today, is this really an accomplishment you'll be proud of when you're struggling to bend over to tie your shoe? Or throw your back out reaching for the TV remote control? At The EDGE we believe that your workout program should not only include strength training through the movement of weight but more functiuonal training through the movement of your own body. To be able to move through your day effortlessly is a goal we should all try to achieve, wether at work, home, or during your fravorite leisure activity.

To assist in reaching your fitness goals and to keep things exciting and motivating The EDGE has developed a fitness regimen that incorporates a variety of workouts that include flexibility, balance, and cardio fitness along with strength and power conditioning. In The EDGE's fitness programs we will help you to succeed by putting your body through activities that take you out of your one-dimensional fitness comfort zone into a more challenging and exciting world of 3-D body motion. Take an EDGE Kickboxing® class to improve flexibility, balance, and cardio fitness...not to mention getting some frustration out on the bags with crushing kicks and punches. Jump into the EDGE's MatBURN® class for some of the most exciting and unique training methods designed for combative athletes (yet perfect for anyone) that will give you the workout of a lifetime.

EDGE Personal Training, MatBURN!®, Private Lessons

"Remember, your health and the health of your family is by far your biggest investment"

EDGE Personal Training is a real workout designed for real people! With all the fitness hype on TV infomercials it is difficult to determine what works and what doesn't. Everyone claims to have the best "super" workout program with serious results promised in very little time. That may be fine for "before and after" fitness models you see in the commercials but the real problem with keeping physically fit is not the need for a 'super-routine' but how difficult it is for a hard-working person to SOMEHOW find the time and energy to exercise enough BESIDES holding down a job and caring for a family.

As the owner of The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts I'm sensible enough to know that my level of fitness is not due to any 'greatness' on my part, but due to the fact that I'm a fitness instructor, and fitness IS my job. So I can spend half my day training - I do martial arts workouts, grappling, rock climbing, kayaking, working out against a bag, weight lifting, swimming, stretching and heaven knows what else. But this is not because I'm in any way better than anyone else, but only because I can AFFORD the time and energy to do it. If everyone could afford to do the same, I KNOW there would be a LOT of supremely fit people around.

The challenge was to come up with a workout that takes advantage of the limited time real people have to dedicate to their fitness regimen. That is why my MatBURN!® class was developed. MatBURN!® is a multi-faceted system of exercise based on functional movements utilizing the body's own weight, medicine balls, resistance bands, kettlebells, Powerstaff weighted bars, sand bags, heavy bags, dumbell weights, and a host of other unique and imaginative items designed to keep you motivated and moving. This workout is the real deal! MatBURN!® classes taken in conjunction with the EDGE's Kickboxing class or one of our martial arts classes will give you the results you've been desiring and a body you'll be proud of! Call 201-703-1222 now and make an appointment to take a free trial class!

The EDGE offers personal training in a professional high energy, highly motivated, fun and exciting fitness studio for women, men, youth, seniors and athletes of all levels.

Our personalized result oriented programs are specially designed to meet each client's goals using resistance and non-resistance exercises, free weights, machines, Kettlebells, medicine balls, and powerstaffs so that regardless of their level of fitness all clients will find it beneficial. This personalized service is designed for people who want serious results in a private atmosphere, without the expensive fees of a health club membership. All of our instructors are experienced certified trainers with various back grounds in fitness.

Call The EDGE today at 201-703-1222 to schedule a free training session and evaluation

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