Tom Patire

As the leading expert in personal safety and the most publicized bodyguard in the world Tom appears on many television shows such as Montel, Rachael Ray, Geraldo At Large, Fox News, Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, CNN News, A & E, MSNBC and Inside Edition. He also will be hosting the upcoming reality show entitles Protect ME If YOU Can! Additionally Tom has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Black Belt, Counter Terrorism, SWAT, The Wall Street Journal and many others. Tom currently has a top selling safety book entitle “Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook, a how-to guide to absolutely everything you need to know to keep yourself, your family and your assets safe” published by Three Rivers/Random House and is available at all major book stores. Tom remains very active and visible in the E.P. profession, today as the owner and president of State of the Art Security Agency®, a well known and respected international executive protection.

Tom Patire teaches HOMDO® Combatives on Tuesdays at 7:00PM